16 May 2012

Black-winged Stilt nesting - Dhahran Hills

Yesterday whilst walking around the percolation pond I noticed a Black-winged Stilt crouching very low on one of the two floating platforms. It looked very strange and I thought it may be sitting on a nest as it was in such a strange position. After a while of waiting the bird stood up to collect some water for putting on its breast feathers to keep herself and the eggs cool in the hot temperatures. As she stood up I could see two eggs on the platform showing the species has again bred in Dhahran Camp for the second year running. I am very interested to know how the young will get off the platform when they hatch as the platform is anchored in the middle of the pond.

As the water levels are quite low at the moment and there is a lot of weed about, hopefully they will be able to walk on the weed and get to the edge? Apologies for the poor photos but they show you the fact the birds are breeding at least.