16 Apr 2015

Male Semi-collared Flycatcher in Dhahran – Bird record by Mats Ris

Mats Ris sent me a couple of photos of a male Semi-collared Flycatcher taken near his house on the edge of Dhahran Golf course. He had seen my post on one on the golf course the week before and wondered if it was the same bird. Mats bird was different to mine and Phil Roberts also saw another in a different area of Dhahran around the same time. This shows there has been a good passage this year so far as they are scarce in the region. Semi-collared Flycatcher Ficedula semitorquata is a scarce passage migrant to all areas of Saudi Arabia with birds passing through from March to early May and again in September to early October. Mats also saw one last year near to his house so it looks like the golf course area is the best area in Dhahran for seeing the species.
Semi-collared Flycatcher

Semi-collared Flycatcher

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