14 August 2015

Blubber Jellyfish - Half Moon Bay

Whilst at Saudi Aramco Half Moon Bay beach recently we saw a few Blubber Jellyfish. Half Moon Bay is a shallow and warm coastal area near Dhahran in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia where the species is often found in swarms. Blubber Jellyfish have a translucent sub-hemispherical bell up to 35 centimetres across and eight conical arms and are quite common in the shallow coastal waters southwards to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates at certain times of the year, mainly the spring and summer. During the day the Blubber Jellyfish swims close to the water surface to obtain sunlight that it converts to energy. They come in various colours from translucent greyish white, like the ones at Half Moon Bay, to blue-green or even bright blue and reddish.
Blubber Jellyfish