3 Feb 2012

Common Starling - Qatif Thursday Market

Today the weather was not good at all with very strong winds and large amounts of dust in the air. We went to Qatif Thursday market and the coast of Tarout Island as I had heard there were a lot of birds for sale in the market. We got to the market quite early and after buying some local bread, which is a speciality of Qatif we went to the area of the market that sold birds. I was pleasantly surprised as there were lots of birds for sale, but not wild caught species as I had feared. Most birds were chickens a few Turkeys and hundreds of pigeons and doves, all of which looked like they were bred in captivity. The only wild caught birds I saw were a case of Common Starlings, about ten White-eared Bulbuls and one White-spectacled Bulbul. There were a few hundred Common Quail for sale but it was likely these had been bred in captivity. I took a couple of photographs of the Common Starlings, with the owners permission.
 Common Starlings
Common Starlings

After looking around the bird section of the market we went to the coast at Dareen but these was little to see due to the poor weather with only 12 Steppe Gulls and two unidentified Terns. We did see the largest number of traditional fishing vessels in the Arabian Gulf here and also the remains of Tarout Fort.
 Dhow - Traditional Fishing Vessel on Tarout Island
Tarout Fort


  1. Hello :)

    I am following your Blog since 2 weeks ago , I like it and link it in my main page :)) Wissh you the best .

    The common starling is so rare in the middle of Saudi Arabia , also rosy starling .

    I have been recorded just one bird of each since years ago ..

    I wonder if there are a huge numbers at the east of S.A that let the man got alot in cage !!!

    Visit my blog please :))
    Best regards,
    Abdullah Al Amrou

  2. Abdullah,

    There are plenty of Common Starling in the Eastern Province with some large flocks in the main reed bed areas such as Jubail where more than 300 birds can be seen together. Small numbers of ten or more can also be seen scatterred around.

    I have links to your website and Flickr page on my website. You have taken some excellent photos of the birds of your region.

  3. Jem :))

    Thank you dear for knowledges about common starling , although thanks for linking my Blog , But the old link was not work , cause it was changes .. renew please with : www.http://amroua-ksa-center-birds.blogspot.com/

    I have added dates of most birds foundations , working now to finish all ...:))

    Thank you a gain Jem ...

    Best regards,

    Amrou A