15 Jun 2011

Pitted Beetle (Adesmia cancellata)

14/06/2011 – Dhahran Hills

Pitted Beetle (Adesmia cancellata), is a type of Darkling Beetle, was active today in good numbers. This is a day active black coloured desert beetle and is among the most successful animals of the desert, and often the only one to be seen during the day. Generally, black beetles are extremely well adapted to live under very hot and dry conditions with the genus Adesmia belonging to a tye called "fast runners" whihc can reach speeds of one meter a second. More details are on the weildlife page (see tab at top of page).

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  1. I've always noticed that if you pick them up by the shell and put them back down, they stop moving and basically freeze on the spot for quite a few minutes, does anyone know the reason for this response?