28 June 2013

Plenty of Namaqua Doves – Dhahran Hills

The spray fields have not been visited too much recently due to spraying and the extremely strong winds that have been blowing almost continuously for two weeks now. Today, although it was still windy, I went for a walk across the fields and found plenty of Namaqua Doves in with the 50+ Collared Doves. Almost all the 13 Namaqua Doves were males with only three females seen. This is the highest count in the same place I have seen in Dhahran and hope it shows signs a good breeding season may be taking place. I have not seen any juveniles yet to confirm breeding has occurred but it is still a little early for this.
Namaqua Dove
Namaqua Dove
A small wet patch in the spray fields was a major attraction for the birds with plenty of Common Mynas, three Black-winged Stilts and a single Kentish Plover present. The percolation pond had 14 Little Terns including at least one juvenile, and with the water levels of the pond dropping significantly over recent days and plenty of Black-winged Stilts are using the new dried up edges for resting. The Great Crested Grebe also put in a reappearance, after being missing for two weeks which was a welcome sight.
Kentish Plover
Great Crested Grebe