18 July 2013

Nesting Eurasian Collared Dove - Al Khobar

One the way through Al Khobar I found a breeding Eurasian Collared Dove nesting in a small roadside tree. It was not very well hidden and I hope no one disturbs its nest during the breeding season. One good point for the bird is it is on a not very well used road. The Eurasian Collared Dove has probably had the most dramatic natural range expansion of any bird species during the 20th Century. It has spread westward and entered Arabia via Kuwait from south-east Asia in the 1960's when the first non feral breeding record for Arabia was noted in 1963. The species has expanded hugely and now breeds in most areas of Arabia with the exception of the southern areas such as the Rub Al Khali desert areas. Where it is resent is is very common and is one of the few birds that can be seen in good numbers in the hit summer months.