17 July 2013

European Turtle Dove ringing recovery – Tabuk

Brendan has just received details of a European Turtle Dove ringed in Bahrain, at its breeding site, and shot and killed at Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, presumably on its way back to its breeding area in Bahrain?
Ring Number: DE35144
Ringing date: 13-Jul-2012
Ringing Place: Near Al Reem Wildlife Park, Bahrain, Bahrain & Qatar (Co-ords: 26deg 00minN 50deg 29minE)
Age: Pullus
Ringer: B Kavanagh, 4736
Finding date: 30-Apr-2013
Finding Place: Tabuk, Saudi Arabia (Co-ords: 28deg 23minN 36deg 33minE)
Finding Condition: Bird freshly dead (shot)
Duration: 291 days
Distance: 1402 km
Direction: 281 deg (WNW)
Finder: Abdulla Ahmed, Bahrain