30 March 2017

Bahrain – Lesser Crested Tern Ringing Recovery

Brendan sent me a ringing recovery of a Lesser Crested Tern that we ringed as part of the tern ringin project on Al Jarim Islands Bahrain. This project has been ongoing for at least ten years and thousands of tern chicks have been ringed. This bird was ringed in Bahrain in 2012 that was found alive on the coast of Kerala in India in 2015. I would like to thank Brendan for sending me the details that are shown below. Interestingly it was ringed a few weeks after the last ringing recovery we had and was found a few weeks later although the first was in Sri Lanka and this bird in nearby southern India.

Lesser Crested Tern
Ring Number: DE64942
Ringing date: 13-Jul-2012
Ringing Place: Al Jarim Island South, Bahrain, Bahrain & Qatar (Co-ords: 26deg 22min N 50deg 28min E)
Age: Chick
Ringer: B Kavanagh, 4736
Finding date: 29-Nov-2015
Finding Place: Vailiazheekal, Kerala, India (Co-ords: 9deg 7min N 76deg 26min E)
Finding Condition: On shore
Duration: 1234 days
Distance: 3342 km
Direction: 126 deg (SE)

Finder: P Harikumar