9 Mar 2017

Twenty-four Red-wattled Lapwing at Shaybah – Bird records by Arnold Uy

Arnold Uy sent me a message to say he had found an amazing twenty-four Red-wattled Lapwing near Shaybah in late February. This is the third time the species has been found in the Empty Quarter and may indicate breeding, especially due to the numbers involved. The species is rare in Saudi Arabia with the following records all the birds I know about. In Riyadh & Central Arabia, birds were seen in January 1977, within the Riyadh city boundary; one was seen 1 November 1985 near Mansouriyah; one on 2 December 1988 and another January 1989 on farmland adjacent to the lower reaches of the Riyadh watercourse and another on 4 November 1989 at the Riyadh watercourse. One was on Thumamah dairy farm 16-22 January 1994. One individual wintered at Thumamah between 5 November 1999 and 17 February 2000 & from 27 January onwards it was present at the old dairy farm. A second individual was seen at Al Safi Dairy Farm on 25 January 2001. In the Empty quarter Up to five birds were seen on three days at Sabkha 40 in 2010 where there was suitable breeding habitat present. An adult was at Sabkhat Al Fasl 15 February 2014, an adult was at Dhahran Saudi Aramco camp 1 June 2014 and one juvenile Sabkhat Al Fasl 8 June 2014. An adult Shaybah 8 mrch 2016. This species is resident at wetlands in eastern Arabia (United Arab Emirates), and is gradually colonizing westwards. So far it has not yet been recorded to breed in Saudi Arabia. In the Eastern province it is regarded as a rare passage migrant and winter visitor and there have been seventeen records prior to this one of single birds from October to December (especially November), but also January, April, June and July. I would like to thank Arnold for sending me the details as well as allowing me to use his photos on my website. The photos were taken using a mobile phone.
Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing

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