30 June 2017

Anderson’s Rock Agama – Tanoumah

Whilst birdwatching in the Tanoumah area, in the mountains of southwest Saudi Arabia, I came across a very well camouflaged Anderson’s Rock Agama. This species is endemic to the Arabian Peninsula, where it is found in west and south Arabia, from Taif (Saudi Arabia) in the north to Dhofar (Oman) in the east. It is found to around 2,000 metres above sea level. It is common in Saudi Arabia where it is a rock dwelling lizard mainly present in mountainous areas. Populations can be found on vertical rocks, rock steps and amongst boulders where they appear to prefer large boulders in the vicinity of water in precipitous wadis surrounded by dense vegetation. They do not however require water, obtaining moisture from their insect prey.
Anderson’s Rock Agama