16 October 2017

Caspian Terns fishing - Jubail

Caspian Tern is a common sighting in Jubail where they can be seen in almost any wetland area from the coast inland to flooded sabkhat areas like Sabkhat Al Fasl and Khafra Marsh. Although common, numbers seen rarely exceed ten although late in the summer, around September, numbers can exceed 150 birds mainly out on flooded sabkha. The last trip to Jubail was good for Caspian Terns with up to one hundred sitting around and more birds flying up and down a flooded area by the side of the road. These birds put on quite a nice display flying past the car on a number of occasions and doubling back past the car again. There was a small shoal of tiny fish near the shore and the terns were occasional dropping into the water to catch them. This allowed a few attempts at inflight photography as well as some attempts to get birds in the water. Some of the results are shown below.