18 April 2018

Red-veined Dropwing – Raydah Escarpment

One of Africa’s most common and widely distributed dragonflies, the male red-veined dropwing Trithemis arteriosa has a slender red abdomen and is named after the bright red veins running across its wings. It can also be found and across southern Europe and parts of the Middle East  including Saudi Arabia. The female and immature red-veined dropwing, have a yellowish-russet abdomen with a pale streak between the wings. As with other dropwing species, the wings are held downwards and forwards when at rest. Both the male and female red-veined dropwing have orange flecks at the base of the wings and large crimson eyes. The distinctive lower mouthparts are yellow with a central bronze stripe. Black splashes run along the sides of the abdomen, increasing in size up to the tip, which is entirely black. The flight period for adult red-veined dropwings is throughout the year, although they are more commonly seen during the summer months. Perching is thought to help the red-veined dropwing locate and catch prey and allows the male red-veined dropwing to lookout for female mates and intruders.
Red-veined Dropwing