11 Jun 2020

Long-billed Pipit - Abha

Whilst looking for Arabian Red-capped Larks I came across a few Long-billed Pipits Anthus similis. This is not an easy bird to photograph so I spent some time trying my luck without too much success. They are a common breeding resident in Saudi Arabia with three of the nineteen recognized subspecies occurring in Arabia, including A. s. arabicus, which is endemic to Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and Yemen. They only occur in the southwest highlands, in Saudi Arabia, from the Yemen boarder northwards to Taif, above 1500 metres normally on stony areas or in upland grass fields with bushes and trees.  Small numbers have been seen in the past in the Eastern Province in winter, probably from Iran but I have not seen any in the time I have been birdwatching this area. 
Long-billed Pipit

Long-billed Pipit

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