13 October 2020

Common Rosefinch trapped and ringed – Jubail

Whilst ringing in September I caught and ringed a Common Rosefinch, a new ringing species for me and only the second I have seen after one in the trees around the percolation pond, Dhahran 14 May 2011. It was regarded as an uncommon passage migrant in Saudi Arabia in the 1990’s but has become scarcer and is now a rare passage migrant. Birds of Thumamah 1988-1994 stated it was an uncommon autumn migrant from late August to late October. One summer record of an adult male on 2 June 1990. Most in dairy farm. Eight ringed in autumn 1991. Birds of the Riyadh Region (Stagg 1994) – Two were sighted at Thumamah during September 1989 and constituted the first record for the region. In the following year there was a flurry of sightings: an adult male was at Thumamah in June; 2 further birds remained there throughout August and September and a female was seen at Mansouriyah on 14 September. In 1991 sightings were again numerous at Thumamah. At least 5 juveniles were seen and another 5 were trapped and ringed there during September. It would seem that the recent westward extension of the range of this species is now impacting on Saudi Arabia. Status now assessed as autumn passage migrant. Three further sightings at Thumamah: 5 on 1 October 1999, 1 on 14 October 1999 and 1 on 15 September 2000. In the Eastern Province five records (all females/immature males) between 22 to 26 May 1991 with Brian Meadows seeing three immature birds in autumn and one in March with all singles and only once two birds.