28 March 2021

Wintering birds and migrants - Jubail

Whilst birdwatching Jubail recently I came across a few good migrants and some remaining wintering birds. Migrants included a really smart male Citrine Wagtail was a good bird and was almost eclipsed plumage wise by a similarly smart male Black-headed Wagtail. Shrikes were around in good numbers including Daurian, Turkestan, Woodchat and Great Grey Shirkes. Woodchat & Turkestan Shirkes are certainly migrants, but the others could be either wintering birds or passage migrants as both occur in the area at this time of year. Siberian Stonechat could likewise be either a wintering bird or migrant whereas Steppe Gulls are winter visitors.

Citrine Wagtail

Great Grey Shrike

Siberian Stonechat - maurus

Steppe Gull - adult

Steppe Gull - 2nd Calendar Year

Woodchat Shrike