17 May 2021

Heritage Village – Ushaiqer

Ushaiqer is approximately 200 km north-west of Riyadh and is one of the oldest towns in the Najd region of Saudi Arabia and was a major stopping point for pilgrims coming from Kuwait, Iraq and Iran to perform Hajj or Umrah. Historical Ushaiqer belongs to the Tamim tribe although other tribes lived there as well. The heritage village has 400 old mud houses and 25 mosques some restored and some still untouched and there is a museum which displays various relics and pieces from the village. It is surrounded by a thick wall with massive towers and wide doors made of tamarisk wood and is divided into districts and bisected by groves of palm trees, and includes a cluster of beautifully renovated houses. These offer a great example of Najdi architecture, with its distinctive triangular windows and roofs, and ornately carved wooden doors. Some still bear the names of the families who lived there. It belongs to the Tamim tribe and one of the Tamim governor’s houses can be visited. Other tribes lived there as well, such as Al-Sheikh (The family of Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahab) and Al-Thani (rulers of the State of Qatar).