25 May 2021

Old Deira Al Ghat Heritage Village

Old Deira Al Ghat Heritage Village is one of the largest traditional villages of Saudi Arabia in the Najdi style. It is located on the northern bank of the Wadi Al-Ghat and stretches over 1.5 kilometers, with the town fed by rain water running down the nearby the Tuwaiq escarpment. The heritage village has a museum where prehistoric tools show to place has been inhabited for millennia. Testimony to human efforts to benefit from the water resources are the dams and wells that are still visible. Places of particular interest are Ad-Deira Mosque and ancient water well, the old village, Mosque Ahmad Al Sidiri as well as Amara Palace which houses the Ghat Museum. The Al-Oshaza Mosque is the oldest mosque in Al-Ghat dating back to the fifteenth centaury AD.