23 August 2021

Hejaz Railway Station - Madain Saleh (Hegra)

In the late 19 century, Sultan Abdulhamid II ordered the construction of a railway from Damascus to Makkah. This was known as the Hejaz Railway and construction began in 1900 and made pilgrims journeys easier and significantly reduced their travelling time The stations at Hegra and Al Ula signalled the final point to which non-Muslims could travel before reaching Makkah. They opened in 1907, and in 1912, more than 19,000 pilgrims stopped at Madain Saleh which was one of the largest railway stations on the Hejaz railway and consisted of 16 buildings that date back to the Ottoman Empire. It is one of the most important stations along the Hejaz railway and was used as a rest area, accommodations and a restaurant for passengers. It consists of a workshop for the maintenance of trains and a small museum is now there within the main Madain Saleh historical site.