26 October 2021

Fisal’s Finger - Riyadh

Just an hour north-west of the capital Riyadh, lies a dramatic rocky desert containing the Qadmat Al-Saqtah, better known as the Faisal's Finger, is a natural sandstone pillar that protrudes 200 meters above the plain at the bottom of the Jibal Tuwaiq. Faisal's Finger can be admired from both the top of the escarpment and the bottom from two different accesses with the bottom access easier to navigate. Its name refers to Faisal bin Abdelaziz Al-Saud, the third king of the modern Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who reigned between 1964 and 1975 CE. The site is located off the tarmac roads and can be accessed by two-wheeled drive car, but you may not be able to get very close unless you have a four-wheel drive vehicle or at least a car with good ground clearance. It is possible to drive all the way around the base of Faisal's Finger on rough tracks, but some are not very obvious. Climbing to the base of the finger is also possible but the rocks are loose and slippery so car should be taken if attempting this.