07 November 2021

Heet Cave – near Riyadh

This cave with water in the bottom is situated about 40 kms south-south-west of Riyadh in limestone formation in Al-Jubail Mountain. The last 500 metres to the cave parking area are on a rough road but possible in normal two-wheeled drive vehicle. It is quite a steep descent to the water itself, down dusty path with lots of large boulders some of which are loose, so be careful, take your time and wear shies with good grip. Take drinking water with you as it is humid in the cave. The water itself is 30 metres deep and is cold and clear aqua-green in colour although does have some dust and other matter floating in small patches on the top. People were swimming in the water when we were there but we did not enter. Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of rubbish and empty water bottles laying around making the site less appealing than it would otherwise be.