11 November 2021

Shaqra Historical Village – Shaqra

Shaqra Historical Vllage, in Shaqra village has many old and restored buildings. One restored area is Almajlis Souq, wich is the oldest souk in Shaqra dating back 500 years and occupying an area of 1600 square metres. The market included 60 shops offering clothes, foodstuffs, animal ghee, hand crafted items and utensils. It was also had a livestock auction as part of the market. On the western side is one of the oldest traditional schools named Sheik Ibn Hinti School. The area was restored in 2016. Another restored market is Almijbab Market, restored in 2020. This was a smaller market containing ten shops selling vegetables, legumes, dates and handcrafted items. Another nice area in the heritage village is the Aljamaa Farm, with palm trees and trees endowed to Alhossini Mosque.