02 August 2022

Singing Bush Larks – Phil’s Fields near Sabya

Whilst birding Phil’s Fields near Sabya in southwest Saudi Arabia we saw a few Singling Bush Larks. This set of fields is an almost guaranteed place to see the species in the Kingdom where they are otherwise difficult to find. The subspecies we get in southwest Saudi Arabia is M. c. simplex that occurs in southwest Saudi Arabia, Yemen and western Oman and has upperparts somewhat warmer and browner than the nominate subspecies. The bird is a small, compact lark with short, stubby bill. Singing Bush Lark is an uncommon resident of the extreme southwest of Saudi Arabia and does not occur anywhere else in the country. They are often common in the very local areas where they occur and where they frequent fairly short grassland and cultivated land, provided that crops are short and dense enough to provide cover. I have seen and photographed this species before but the below photos are the best I have obtained due to the natural perch and the fact the bird flew and landed right beside the car.