04 May 2023

Small numbers of migrants - Jubail

Late April produced a small number of migrants with two Common Nightingale probably the best birds. We saw a few shrikes that were mainly male Red-backed Shrikes although a few females were also present. A single Woodchat Shrike and three Daurian Shrikes were also recorded. There were a lot of Willow Warblers but no Common Chiffchaffs and plenty of both Common Reed Warbler and Clamorous Reed Warbler that are abundant breeders in the reed beds. A single Great Reed Warbler was also located. One Spotted Flycatcher was seen perched on a fence on the way out of the location. Namaqua Doves were present as is normal these days, another species that has increased in numbers significantly over the last few years at this location. Herons were mainly Grey Heron, with a few Little Egrets and several Black-crowned Night Herons. This last species appears to now be a breeding resident as juveniles and adults are seen throughout the years with birds seen on almost every visit. 

Black-crowned Night Heron - adult

Namaqua Dove - male

Red-backed Shrike - male

Red-backed Shrike - male