01 June 2011

European Honey-Buzzard

The European Honey-Buzard occurs in Dhahran along with Crested Honey-Buzzard (see later post), and most of the recrds of Honey-Buzard refer to this species. The Birds of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia by Bundy, Connor & Harrison (published in August 1989) has only six records of Honey-Buzzard, and I only know of a handful of other records so the bird remains scarce in the region. I had two different sightings of Euopean Honey-Buzzard in spring 2011.

European Honey-Buzzard records:-
Adult Female - 4th May
Adult Male - 6th May

This is a male European Honey-Buzzard with a grey head but yellow iris (dark brown on Crested Honey-Buzzard), greyish and uniform upperparts and slim structure, including bill. Also the strong barring below is not typical of Crested Honey-Buzzard, but may occur (Dick Forsman pers comm.). The photo was taken in the trees surrounding the percolation pond on 6th May.