19 November 2012

Greater Spotted Eagle numbers increasing – Sabkhat Al Fasl

Unfortunately I was only able to go to Sabkhat Al Fasl on Friday as I was busy on Thursday. Friday is not a good day to go as there are too many Pilipino fishermen at the site who disturb much of the bird life. I got to the site just as it was becoming light and most of the Greater Spotted Eagles and Western Marsh Harriers were still roosting in the long grass and reeds. As it was early morning I was again able to get reasonably close to some of the birds. The Greater Spotted Eagles were mainly juveniles with only two adults seen out of at least fifteen birds. Fifteen is the highest single day count I have had at the site so far and this combined with the record numbers seen at Dhahran indicate the species has had a good breeding season and numbers are still increasing in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.