12 November 2012

Gull with Yellow Darvic ring Black lettering PVPS - Busaiteen Beach (Bahrain)

Howard King from Bahrain managed to photograph a gull in Bahrain with a large yellow plastic ring with the code PVPS in black on it. The ringing details are as follows:-

Heuglin’s Gull?
Ring Number: Yellow Darvic with Black lettering PVPS (MOSKWA C_525106)
Ringing date: 18-June-2011
Ringing Place: Selitba lake, Penza oblast, Russia (Co-ords: 53°10’N 46°50'E)
Age: Pullus
Ringer: Larisa Plusnina / Grzegorz Neubauer
Finding date: 30-October-2012
Finding Place: Busaiteen Beach, Muharraq Island, Bahrain (Co-ords: 26°15'N 50°35'E) 
Finding Condition: Alive
Duration: 500 days
Distance: 4093 km
Direction: 175 deg (S)
Finder: Howard King (Bahrain)

The gull looks like a Heuglin’s Gull but was ringed in a colony of Caspian Gulls at Selitba Lake, Penza Oblast, Russia, where it was ringed as a chick in 2011 as belonging to the Larus cachinnans group. Grzegorz who was in charge of the ringing there mentioned there were birds at the colony that looked like Heuglin’s Gulls, but it is very far south for this northerly breeding species and they are not meant to breed there.