09 December 2021

Wells of Moses - Madyan

The 12 Wells of Moses is near Maqna where crystal clear water comes out of the ground in several places. The well is surrounded by palm trees and its water runs downhill towards a palm grove. On the north of the well is an archaeological site that is believed to date back to the early Islamic era but is currently not open to the public. Madyan is the land where Moses spent ten years in voluntary exile after fleeing from Egypt following an altercation with an Egyptian that was beating an Israelite. It is believed that Moses crossed the Red Sea and arrived in Maqna and went to a well called Bir Al-Sa’idani to drink. There he saw two girls collecting water for their cattle and he offered to help and then retired to the shade. The girls reported this gentle move to their father, the prophet Shu’ayb and asked him to reward Moses for his help. Shu’ayb went to meet Moses and saw he was chivalrous and valiant so he asked him to stay with him for eight years and offered him his daughter’s hand in marriage, Moses accepted and extended his stay to 10 years with his wife and father-in-law.