26 Oct 2013

Trip report to South-west Saudi Arabia for free download

I have written a 51 page trip of my trip to the South-west of Saudi Arabia that I took 30 June to 6 July 2013. The report has all the details of the trip, itinerary, accommodation, car hire, timing, visa details, money, safety, locations and species seen. This report is available for free download at the below link highlighted in Red. I hope the report is of value to you and please feel free to disseminate it as you feel is appropriate.

We birded dawn to after dusk every day, with the trip proving to be highly successful with 134 species seen in the six days, including seven out of the ten Arabian endemic species - Arabian Serin, Arabian Woodpecker, Yemen Thrush, Yemen Warbler, Arabian Wheatear, Arabian Partridge and Yemen Linnet, plus the Asir race of European Magpie. I saw 38 species that were new for me in Saudi Arabia on this trip taking my Saudi Arabia species list to over 300 species. We missed a couple of species that we thought we might see including the Arabian endemic Arabian Waxbill, which may have moved to higher elevations due to the mid-summer heat and Abdim’s Stork that was breeding two months previously but had also moved off from its normal areas. We also failed to find either of the Arabian endemics, Arabian Serin and Philby’s Partridge whilst in the Abha area.


  1. Excellent report, I´ve downloded it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, thanks for this. The Asir mountains are amazing.... I was there a couple of years ago when working Jizan. I have just returned to KSA, and am about to be posted to Ras Tanura. Is this an area you are familiar with? I, as well as some of the other teachers here, would be very interested in learning of places nearby which are good for birding.... Thanks again.

    1. Mike,

      I have been to Ras Tanura and being on the coast and greened will be good for migrants. Check my bird locations tab at the top of the website for areas that are near to you. Saihat Mangroves, Sabkhat Al Fasl (Jubail) etc. I am sure there are places nearby that will be good that I have not visited as I spend almost all my time birding my local patch in Dhahran.


    2. ok cheers, will let you know if i find anything...