18 Nov 2013

Winter birds – Dhahran Hills

Winter really feels like it has arrived now in the Eastern Province. The days are getting shorter with very little time to go birding after work now and most of the winter species in the camp in good numbers. The most obvious winter visitor is the Water Pipit that is showing in good numbers on the sandy areas around the settling pond as well as on all the playing fields. White Wagtails are almost always associated with these gatherings of Water Pipits and there are hundreds of both species present now. Bluethroats have also arrived but their more secretive nature makes them more difficult to see. Another winter visitor that I have seen regularly over the past few days is the European Sparrowhawk normally chasing the Water Pipit and Wagtail flocks. Previously there have been sightings of Goshawk at about this time of year but I have not see anything resembling one since I have been in Saudi Arabia – maybe next week?
Water Pipit
Water Pipit

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