12 November 2013

Some common birds of Al Hassa – Bird records by Shaheen

The below photographs have all be taken in the Al Hassa area and show a selection of the commoner birds seen in the area. All photographs have been taken by Shaheen mainly around the Lake Al Asfar area of Al Hassa. I have been given permission to use the photographs on my website and as they are good quality and interesting I have reproduced them here. In a couple of later posts I will show some scarce and rare birds of this area that Shaheen also photographed, one a potential new species for the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia if it can be verified as having been taken at Al Hassa or nearby.
European Turtle Dove
Barred Warbler 
House Sparrow
European Roller
Indian Silverbill
Mallard - male
Namaqua Dove