16 November 2013

Some Waders - Dhahran Hills

Birding is still slow on the patch but a few good birds are sill turning up to keep the interest alive. The lack of water on the percolation pond is still a major problem, as it was a magnet for passing birds but as it is still dry after four months these birds are not arriving or if they do they fly off quickly. One advantage is the birds that need water such as waders are easier to see as they are in the narrow wet ditches or sunning around on the sand, often near the settling pond. I found a Green Sandpiper and a Wood Sandpiper on a wet ditch and although the Green Sandpiper flew off before I could photograph it I did manage a photo of the Wood Sandpiper. The settling pond still has five Black-winged Stilts, a Common Greenshank, three Little Stints and a Marsh Sandpiper. A Common Ringed Plover showed very well on the sand near the pond but the light was very poor by the time I had found it. Birds on the patch are now mainly wintering species rather than migrants, but there is still time for one last good migrant before the season ends?
Wood Sandpiper
Common Ringed Plover