08 December 2013

Laura the Baltic Gull latest Update – Bird records from Per Hansson

I have just received the latest information on the location of Laura the Baltic Gull who was satellite tagged in Sweden outside the Ume River Delta on 28 June 2013. Laura was an adult female breeding Baltic Gull when she had the transmitter fitted.  Since then she has travelled to the Jizan area of south-west Saudi Arabia where she has spent the past three months and looks likely to spend the rest of the winter. Per Hansson is in charge of the project and sent me the latest data a couple of days ago. Per is trying to find someone who will be in Jizan who could photograph the bird or more likely the flock of birds where she is staying so he can add a photograph to the data he has collected so far. If anyone goes to Jizan and is willing to try to photograph the birds please let me know and I will pass on the details to Per who can supply updated location data of where she is. Laura has spent the majority of her time in a relatively small area south of Jizan near to the Yemen boarder.