20 May 2014

Eurasian Golden Oriole Al Khobar Corniche – Bird record by Tyrone B. Diesca

I received an e-mail recently from Tyrone B. Diesca a filipino nature enthusiast who is living and working here in Al Khobar. He said “I and my friends loves to do some wildlife photography and started taking photos of birds here in Al Khobar particularly at the Corniche because we don’t know any birding sites yet” Tyrone kindly sent me a photo he took of a Eurasian Golden Oriole he took on 16 May 2014 taken near the construction of a mushroom like tower on Al Khobar Corniche which is shown below. There has obviously been an influx of this species into the Eastern Province this year, although they are not rare with a status here as an uncommon passage migrant mainly in spring. Records this year have come from various places in the province including a very large flock at KFUPM in Dhahran, Al Khobar and Sabkhat Al Fasl, Jubail.