19 Sept 2015

Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler ringing recovery – Bird record by Mohammed Khorshed & Mike Pope

Mike Pope sent me an e-mail the other day with a couple of photographs attached of an Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler taken by Mohammed Khorshed in the early morning of 8 September at Jahra Pools Reserve in Kuwait and asked if I had any idea whose ring it was and where this bird may have been ringed? The photos showed only part of the ring but it was enough to identify the bird. The photograph showed the first line of the ring ended in CD, the second line with DH and the number with 693.  This was enough to prove it was one of my rings as I ring with NCWCD, RIYADH rings and the number only fitted one bird with ring number B000693. Indian Reed Warblers are not thought to migrate far and just do small local movements but this is the second one I have either ringed or re-trapped that have moved countries with this bird travelling over 300 kilometres. The first moved from Qatar to Bahrain with the second from Saudi Arabia to Kuwait – see details below

Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler
Ring Number: B000693 (NCWCD, RIYADH)
Ringing date: 29 May 2015
Ringing Place: Sabkhat Al Fasl, Jubail, Saudi Arabia (Co-ords: 27.06651N, 49.51233E)
Age: Adult (breeding female)
Ringer: Jem Babbington
Finding date: 8 September 2015
Finding Place: Jahra Pools Reserve, Kuwait (Co-ords: 29 21'37.24 N, 47 41'26.03 E)
Finding Condition: Alive (photographed)
Duration: 103 days
Distance: 311 km
Direction: 324 deg (NW)
Finder: Mohammed Khorshed

Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler
Ring Number: VR88323
Ringing date: 22-November-2008
Ringing Place: Al Khor, Qatar, Bahrain & Qatar (Co-ords: 25deg 47min N 51deg 18min E)
Age: 1st Year
Ringer: K. Thornton & W. Jones - Rye Bay Ringing Group
Finding date: 18-May-2012
Finding Place: Alba Marsh, Bahrain, Bahrain & Qatar (Co-ords: 26deg 5min N 50deg 37min E)
Finding Condition: Alive (breeding female)
Duration: 1273 days
Distance: 76 km
Direction: 297deg (WNW)
Finder: Dr Brendan Kavanagh

These ringing results show that at least some Indian Reed Warblers move some distance and ties in with my ringing details where I have ringed over 120 Indian Reed Warblers, in my small ringing area, with only 22 re-traps indicating a passage of birds through my ringing site. The ringing details here show something little known and indicates the value to ringing for knowledge gain and is the first recovery of one of my ringed birds in Kuwait. The fact the Mohammed noticed the bird had a ring and was able to get at least part of the ring number allowed a tracing of the record shows the value of taking good photographs of birds. I would like to thank Mike Pope for passing on the details of this record to me and Mohammed Khorshed for very kindly allowing me to use his excellent photos on my website.
Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler ringing recovery

Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler ringing recovery

Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler ringing recovery

Indian (Clamorous) Reed Warbler ringing recovery

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