31 July 2016

Carmine Darter at Wadi Waj - Taif

Whilst birdwatching at Wadi Waj in Taif I came across a number of Carmine Darters. They are a medium-sized dragonfly measuring about 50 milimetres. The adult male has a bright red, widened abdomen, and small yellowish-amber patches at the bases of the hind wings. Pterostigma are yellow. The male is a handsome carmine red, while the female is a significantly drabber yellow-buff colour.  They are widespread in the Arabian Peninsula where it prefers a habitat of rocky wadis (normally dry watercourses) and desert pools, especially around irrigation channels. Nymphs feed on small insects. When the adults emerge they dry their wings and immediately start hunting for food as they only live up to two months as adults.
Carmine Darters