8 Sept 2019

Tiger Moth - Tanoumah

Whilst in Tanoumah I photographed a moth that appears to be a Tiger Moth. The Arctiinae (formerly called the family Arctiidae) are a large and diverse subfamily of moths, with around 11,000 species found all over the world. This group includes the groups commonly known as tiger moths (or tigers), which usually have bright colours, footmen, which are usually much drabber, lichen moths, and wasp moths. Many species have "hairy" caterpillars that are popularly known as woolly bears or woolly worms. The scientific name of this subfamily refers to this hairiness. 
Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth

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  1. The Tiger moth is also known as the Arctiinae it is the subfamily of Moth. The color of the moth is very bright and attractive. Woolly bears or the woolly worms are the hairy caterpillars. The tiger moth has footmen which are much like drabber. Some related species are lichen moths and wasp moths.