29 July 2020

Birds at drinking pool – Abha area

Whilst birding an area of Abha without access to the general public, I came across a few good birds. There were a couple of water pools constructed to attract wildlife and here birds came down to drink during the day including Crested Lark, Desert Lark, Laughing Dove and Arabian Serin. The area is a sparsely vegetated basalt rocky area but had a few good birds such as Verreaux’s Eagle and wintering Steppe Eagles. Some resident species were seen including Arabian Babbler, Arabian Green Bee-eater, Arabian Sunbird, Blackstart, Brown-necked Raven and White-spectacled Bulbul with an early migrant in the form of a Turkestan Shrike.
Arabian Serin
Arabian Serin
Crested Lark
Desert Lark
Laughing Dove