17 March 2024

Abu Sarrah Palaces - Abha

The Abu Sarrah Palace is one of the most important heritage palaces in Asir region. This palace is located in the village of Al-Aziza in Al-Soudah. ​​It dates back to more than 200 years old, and was built in 1836 B.C. / 1252. This palace stands tall at the top of the Al-Soudah Mountains, with a stunning view of the green agricultural terraces surrounding it. Its gigantic unique design suggests its mission of defending the surrounding villages and homes. The palaces were built in the Asiri architectural style and consist of two buildings, each with 6 floors, and Al-Musalla Fort, which consists of 3 floors. The palaces are owned by Lahiq bin Ahmed Abu Sarrah, one of the most distinguished people in Aseer, and its most famous merchant at that time. In 2018, his grandchildren took over the task of restoring it to be a historical destination that expresses the region’s heritage.