19 Oct 2011

Nabors Arabia Rig 861 – Shadan Area

I went to visit one of our drilling rigs in the desert in the Shadan Field about 100 kilometres from Harad. The rig is in the true desert 45 kilometres from the nearest main road and is probably one of the only sources of water and tall structures in the surrounding area. As a result it is an obvious point of reference for migrating birds and although we saw no birds on the journey to the rig as soon as I arrived I saw two Yellow Wagtails at the edge of the lease. Whilst on the rig itself there were five male and two female Eurasian Blackcaps, flitting around the high pressure pipework. They seemed quite happy in their temporary home. Seeing passerines in the middle of the desert is always an exciting experience as they are not often seen. Below are a couple of photographs of a male and a female Eurasian Blackcap we caught in Bahrain last week.

Eurasian Blackcap (adult female)
 Eurasian Blackcap (adult male)
Eurasian Blackcap (adult female)

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