31 Oct 2011

Desert Hedgehog - Dhahran Main Camp

A friend of mine Darrell Foreman has a Desert Hedgehog visiting his garden each night in Dhahran main camp and invited me and my family around to see it. It gave very good views feeding around the garden after dark and good photographs were taken of it.

The Desert Hedgehog (Paraechinus aethiopicus) is a species found in northern Africa, from Morocco & Mauritania in the west to Egypt in the east as well as the Middle East including Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. A typical hedgehog in appearance, the desert hedgehog has a dense, spiny coat, an elongated snout, and the ability to curl into a defensive ball when threatened. For more information on the species see under the Wildlife Tab at the top of the page.


  1. So much for what I read that Hedgehogs are shy animals. That one loves the camera so much, it's more of a camera hog.

  2. i found a couple of them three years ago near to riyadh if you know a place called romaah we were camping there , intersting birds there too you should check it

  3. i found one last night in the parking area of riyadh exhibition center. three men busy filming the poor creature, they even throwing stones to it to make it spines larger! so i ask my colleague to take it, we put it on a plastic bag since that is all what we have and gave it some water, im pretty sure it is dehydrated because of the hot weather yesterday, until i visited a pet shop in Malaz and asked them if they can accept "hedgy" for adoption,im really happy they took it. at least he will get better treatment. 😊

    1. I have 1 here in my accomodation.can you send me where did you give the hedgehog iwant to take care of them.

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