05 December 2012

Western Cattle Egrets departing from roost – Dhahran Hills

The number of Western Cattle Egrets roosting at the percolation pond has built up steadily over the last couple of weeks with around seventy birds now present each evening. At first light all the birds fly out of the reed beds and rest briefly in the surrounding trees before flying off in a large flock to the housing areas where they feed on the grass verges during the day, often resting on the streetlights if not feeding. The pond has also had seven Eurasian Wigeon in the last couple of days but they are very timid and are always seen at the very far end of the pond. New additions to the wader flock on the settling pond in the last few days have been two Marsh Sandpipers with the numbers of Wood Sandpipers and Green sandpipers building to over ten each. At least one Greater Spotted Eagle is still around often seen over the jebals at the back of the pond area. It would be interesting to know where the birds roost when not using the trees surrounding the spray fields or percolation pond. Two Grey Herons are now using the percolation pond and can often be seen resting on one of the two floating pontoons in the water.
Western Cattle Egrets
Grey Heron