14 Apr 2013

White-tailed Lapwing still at Tabuk – Bird records by Viv Wilson

Viv Wilson kindly sent me some more of his excellent photos the other day, which included a number of photographs of White-tailed Lapwing. These birds have been around since October last year and it would be very interesting to see if they breed at Viv’s site. Saudi Arabia is at the southern edge of the species breeding range with the first breeding records for the country being two pairs in Al Khobar in 1992 with three pairs at the same site in 1993 but no further breeding records. A pair of birds was seen at a reservoir in Medinah in July 1994 but there are no breeding records from the east of the country. Thanks to Viv for allowing me to use his photographs which remain his copyright.


  1. Jem,

    Great pictures from Viv. I think that the lapwings might have disappeared in November for 3 months or so and then returned. I don't think there were any sightings for that period though I could be wrong.



    1. Rob,

      Thanks - I will check with Viv. Maybe the birds are just on passage then?


  2. I asked Viv about the birds disappearing or not and he replied as follows:

    I am not sure really. They had disappear'd with the rest of the bird's, just before Lou and Rob came up.The first i saw them again was when Rob came up recently. Lot's of bird's around then. They all seemed to disappear again. But last thursday i went to a spot i have not been to for a while, well since last year. As it was quite wet out there. I ventured out there, which is on the other side of the greenery I had seen them last year, and found them. At least 6 were there,which is the highest number of them i have seen.