05 April 2013

Slender Skimmer – Dhahran Hills

The Slender Skimmer Orthetrum sabina is a green to greyish-yellow dragonfly with black markings. The sides of the thorax and abdomen are striped with black, the abdomen is distinctly swollen towards the base and it has a small dark spot at the base of the hindwing. Males and female slender skimmers are very similar in appearance with the male having an abdomen length of 36 - 42 mm with a hindwing of 35 - 40 mm. The species is renowned for feeding on other dragonfly species, including some species larger than itself. It is an extremely widespread species occurring from south-eastern Europe to Japan and south to Australia and Micronesia with the Arabian Peninsula within its range. They occupy a range of slow-flowing and still water habitats, from ponds to wet fields and marshes.