30 Jun 2014

Little Grebe chicks – Dhahran Hills

Little Grebe chicks can now be seen in reasonable numbers on the percolation pond with parents in attendance although a number of Little Grebes are still sitting on eggs. The number of breeding pairs this year must be over 20 which is a good breeding season for them. Other signs of breeding birds on the pond include both, Eurasian Coot with four pairs and Common Moorhen with a minimum of ten pairs but probably many more. With all these birds and young as well the pond has plenty of activity now although I cannot find anything out of the ordinary with them. The trees surrounding the pond are also very quiet with a few White-eared Bulbuls and plenty of House Sparrows about all that I can find.


  1. This is interesting, I was doing some activity sutdies on these guys in mid march at the Cricket Club close to Riyadh and we had a dozen or so breeding pairs which chicks then.

    1. Bernard

      The late laying may be due to the pond not having any water in it up until April as it was drained for reed clearance for some months? They normally have two broods in a year in Dhahran so I would not be surprised if there are young in August as well.