15 June 2015

A few more migrants from Buraydah area – Bird records by Ragu Shanbhougue

Ragu who is a doctor who lives and works in Buraydah has sent me many photos over the past few months and I have included here a number he sent last month of a few migrants he saw whilst out in his local area. There is nothing too unusual species wise but good birds to see nevertheless. Ragu saw species that I have also been seeing in Dhahran including Spotted Flycatchers and European Bee-eaters tow species that have been particularly common this year. Other good migrants Ragu saw and photographed were Red-backed Shrike and Red-throated Pipit, two species that are quite common but tend to pass quite late in the migration period and Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin a migrant that stays to breed in small numbers. I would like to thank Ragu for allowing me to use his photos on my website.