7 Oct 2015

Pallid Harriers and more at Sabkhat Al Fasl – Bird records by Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts went to Sabkat Al Fasl recently and saw and photographed a number of species whilst there including five Glossy Ibis, 10+ Marsh Harrier, a female Pallid Harrier, an Ortolan Bunting, 84 Grey Herons, 10 + Purple Herons, a male Common Kingfisher, loads of Little Egrets and Indian Reef Heron and a solitary Cattle Egret. There were still plenty of Little Terns but I only saw two juvenile White-cheeked Terns. Phil also saw local birdwatcher Mohammed Al-Ruqaya there as well who had seen the White-breasted Kingfisher again along the main track by the pylons.
Pallid Harrier
Pallid Harrier
Purple Heron
Purple Heron


  1. Great pictures esp that Pallid Harrier

    1. Tabib

      Thanks very much - Phil is an excellent photogrpaher and has many great images. Luckily he shares a few of them with me from time to time. Palid Harrier is a reasonably common bird on passge in our area but they are not easy to photograph on the ground.