21 December 2015

Nubian Nightjar at Jizan - Bird records by Mansur Al Fahad

The third species Mansur Al Fahad photographed and sent to me was Nubian Nightjar that he saw near Jizan in early August 2015. This species is seen quite regularly in this area but trying to get photographs of the birds is extremely difficult and Mansur has done very well to get such good photos. I would like to thank Mansur for very kindly allowing me to use his photos on my website the copyright of which remains with Mansur. This species is resident and breeds in the lowlands from the Yemen boarder to the Hijaz in Sadui Arabia where it has been seen northwards to KAUST north of Jeddah. Where it is found it is locally common with more that ten birds seen in very small areas after dark and favours rocky or stony areas with some vegetation although they have also been seen in sandy areas with vegetation. This is probably the easiest of the three Nightjars photographed by Mansur to see but knowing the right areas and time and effort are still required.