15 December 2015

Some winter birds – Sabkhat Al Fasl

Bird watching at Sabkhat Al Fasl always produces a few good birds whenever you go there and even in winter there is plenty to be seen. The site is a great place to see large numbers of Greater Flamingos with several thousand each winter on the flooded sabkha and area also good for Caspian Terns. The other site of the location has large reed beds where Western Marsh Harriers, Greater Spotted Eagles, small flocks of Spanish Sparrows and Daurian Shrikes can be seen in good numbers during the winter. The wetter areas here hold Common Moorhens, Squacco Herons, Common Snipe, White Wagtails and is a place where at least one of the Pied Kingfishers can often be seen.
Greater Flamingo
Caspian Tern
Western Marsh Harrier
Daurian Shrike
Common Snipe
Little Egret
Pied Kingfisher
Spanish Sparrow
Squacco Heron
Squacco Heron
White Wagtail