14 May 2016

Desert White in Dammam – Record by Vinu Mathew

Vine Mathew photographed Desert White Pontia glauconome in Dammam recently and has kindly allowed me ti use his photos on my website two of which are shown below. The range of this butterfly is quite extensive and goes from Somalia north to Libya, in Africa and east to Arabia and Central Asia including Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia this species is found almost anywhere where rocky outcrops occur, particularly on rocky plains and hills around Dhahran, Al Khobar and Al Hassa Oasis. It favours rocky wadis and areas and surrounding gullies preferably with the perennial Cruciferae or Brassicale zilla present. The Desert White is a very fast, zig-zagging low flying species often settling on Cruciferae flowers or other vegetation.
Desert White

Desert White

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